is a web design and Internet Marketing company located in Pinellas County, St. Petersburg, Florida and the Tampa Bay area.

We offer simple yet powerful websites that will bring you undeniable results. At we understand that a website is your marketing tool and we make sure our website designs do just that – market you!

The backbone of your business marketing is your business brand. Without a strong, memorable brand, you are marketing something that few people will understand or recognize.

Unfortunately, branding is not a simple thing. Your brand is composed of everything people see, feel, or think when it comes to your business; therefore, branding your business must encompass a number of widely variant elements.

One of the most powerful players in the branding game is your website, and unless you are a graphic designer, marketing expert, and web developer all rolled into one, chances are you will have to hand the important task of creating your website over to the experts.

And you are in the right hands.

We offer an all-in-one package that includes;


Intensive Online Marketers is the present product of Faulkner and Associates. We have had an internet presence since 1996. We started web site design for professional organizations and businesses, with a focus on veterinary related endeavors, in Pinellas County. One of our first clients was the SPCA of Pinellas County. We also developed the first web sites for the Pinellas Animal Foundation and the Hillsborough Animal Health Foundation. We even did the first web site for the Florida Veterinary Medical Association.

We also did other non-profit organizations such as Tikvah Suncoast. We are not restricted to our local area such as Onsite Veterinary Surgical Services. From the beginning, we developed other web sites, not only within the state of Florida, but other states such as Michigan. Connecticut and Maryland. With today’s Internet and tools, we have the ability to provide services worldwide.


online website design floridaThe Internet is a lot different place than it was back then. With the changes that have occurred, Faulkner and Associates has been replaced with Intensive Online Marketers. We now are a complete Internet Marketing company, not just creating web sites, but integrating all the aspects needed for a successful online marketing for either offline or online businesses.

With the growth of social media and blogging, search engine optimization (SEO) is now only a part of the puzzle. Even SEO has changed significantly over the years. It is our goal to incorporate the latest technologies into our clients Internet presence and do provide these services at a reasonable cost. We provide personal individual design, creation and support for our clients. We are not a “cookie cutter” Internet marketing company.

Contact us and experience the personal attention we will provide for your business.

Roy Faulkner
Founder – Intensive Online Marketers

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