Three main areas needed to be considered when performing Search Engine Optimization – SEO


On-Page Search Engine Optimization – SEO

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Search Engine Optimization – SEO

The first and primary SEO strategy is what is called On-Page SEO. These are the steps that are implemented within the structure of the page creation.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization – SEO

After the page is created and optimized with on-page SEO then one has to consider what is called off-page SEO. These are the search engine optimization steps that can be taken off of the actual website to help the search engines determine if the web pages on your contain quality content. The search engines assume that if people and other websites are linking back to your website, your website is relevant, has quality content that others are seeking. These links are called backlinks. As your backlinks increase the more authority your site has in the eyes of the search engines and the higher they rank you.

Local Search Engine Optimization – SEO

The other part of the puzzle is Local SEO. Local SEO relates to searches that have a local flavor. In other words, searchers are looking for information that is relevant to their local area, such as if someone is looking for a plumber in a particular city. A “location” is a delimiting factor, which could be for example within a zip code, city, county or state or other defined location.


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